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The Tint Shop has been serving Kern County residents for over 30 years. Stay cool in the summer and lower your electricity bill. Why not take your home and cars appearance to the next level by tinting the windows? We appreciate your individuality, therefore we provide a variety of colors and types of film to choose from.

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Our History

The Tint Shop has been serving Kern County residents for over 30 years with expert window tinting services. Living in Bakersfield people need protection from the sun. Our services will pay for themselves! We offer expert vehicle and commercial window tinting. Our window technicians will come out and quickly and precisely tint your windows keeping your customers and staff cool and comfortable in these hot Bakersfield summers and will lower your electric bill saving you a ton of money over the years.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make you comfortable and help you enjoy your. You will feel more comfortable in your home and you will SAVE ON ELECTRICITY BILLS. Bakersfield Window Tinting, Window Tinting Bakersfield, The Tint Shop.


Bakersfield Tinting Shop, Bakersfield Window Tinting, The Tint Shop
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2 hours
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Nancy the owner of Sorella Italian restaurant says, oh what a difference the tint made, my restaurant is not only cooler lowering my electric bill, plus we don’t have to deal …